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Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

Γενικές ερωτήσεις

The Accu-Chek infusion sets offer a Luer-lock connection that meets international standards and is widely used in medical engineering. Our sets fit on all Accu-Chek insulin pumps except the Accu-Chek Insight insulin pump. Our sets fit on all other insulin pumps that meet the same standard.

Water sports and heavy sweating can affect the infusion set’s adhesive pad – try using an extra water-permeable adhesive patch (like Tegaderm™ or Opsite™ IV3000™) to give your site extra security. Sandwich technique: Cleanse the skin using an adhesive wipe, allow to dry, apply a sterile dressing, insert the set into the dressing, cover the set with another sterile dressing to “sandwich” the infusion set.

The disconnectable Accu-Chek infusion sets allow you the freedom to disconnect from your insulin pump altogether for the duration or your activity. Talk to your physician about time off the insulin pump for sports or an occasional day at the beach.

Your most comfortable penetration depth setting will depend on a few things:

  • Whether you're using a fingertip or alternative site. Talk with your healthcare professional before deciding if alternative site testing is right for you.
  • Your skin type. Softer, thinner skin requires a shallower setting than thicker skin.
  • The required blood sample. The more blood you require, the higher the setting you'll need.

If you have no experience with this lancing device, we recommend setting a low penetration depth, such as penetration depth 2. For alternative site testing, the puncture at alternative sites must be deeper than at the fingertips. However, these sites are generally less sensitive to pain

Pain at the infusion site may be a sign that you are using a set which does not penetrate at the right depth for you (this can especially affect children or thin users).  For 90° insertion sets, talk to your physician about the possibility of switching to a different needle or cannula length.

In order to help keep sites free of infection, we recommend that sites be changed at least every 48 hours for steel needle sets and every 72 hours for soft cannula sets. It is important to always test your blood glucose level 1-3 hours after inserting a new set, to make sure that it's functioning properly.

You can obtain capillary blood for blood glucose testing not only from the fingertips, but also from other sites (palm, forearm, upper arm, calf or thigh), so-called alternative site testing (abbreviated as: AST). To be able to obtain capillary blood from other sites, you have to replace the regular cap by a special cap, the Accu-Chek Multiclix AST cap. Consult your healthcare professional beforehand if you want to use blood from alternative sites for your blood glucose test. Please follow the instructions of use of the AST Cap insert.

While you may feel a small pinch when inserting the set, many people find infusion set insertion more comfortable than giving injections. Once the set is under the skin, it is so comfortable that many people forget they're wearing it.

Using hypoallergenic materials is a high priority for Roche. Our infusion sets are latex- and PVC-free, and glues and solvents are used as little as possible. The adhesive tape is also specially designed to allow the skin underneath it to breathe. However, allergic reactions can never fully be ruled out. Sometimes they develop suddenly, even if you have used the same product for years. If an allergic reaction should occur, ask your physician about products that can help you continue a comfortable therapy.

A number of consumer products and surface materials contain softening agents, so called plasticizers, to make the material flexible. Such materials are known to provoke allergic reaction or even carcinogenic. The softening agents are mainly used in PVC. Because the Accu-Chek infusion sets are free of PVC we can exclude the content of plasticizers, especially DEHP [di(2-ethylhexyl)-phthalate] and DBP [dibutyl-phthalate].

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Accu-Chek FlexLink

Περιγραφή Είδους

Το σετ έγχυσης Accu-Chek FlexLink είναι ένας εύκολος και βολικός τρόπος για να συνδεθείτε με την αντλία ινσουλίνης σας — ανεξάρτητα από την ηλικία ή το επίπεδο της εμπειρίας σας. Ο εύκολος χειρισμός απλοποιεί την εισαγωγή με το χέρι, ενώ η προαιρετική συσκευή εισαγωγής Accu-Chek LinkAssist παρέχει μία γρήγορη και αξιόπιστη εναλλακτική επιλογή. Διατηρήστε τα πράγματα απλά, χωρίς επιπλοκές, απολαμβάνοντας παράλληλα άνεση, ελευθερία κινήσεων και ασφάλεια.

Εγχειρίδια Προϊόντων




Τυπικός σύνδεσμος luer-lock

Οφέλη και Χαρακτηριστικά
  • Γωνία εισαγωγής 90°, μαλακός εύκαμπτος καθετήρας
  • Το αποσπώμενο μπλε καπάκι στήριξης διευκολύνει το πιάσιμο του κύριου σετ και την ελεγχόμενη εισαγωγή χωρίς να αλλάξει το χαμηλό προφίλ του κύριου σετ που χρησιμοποιείται
  • Η απλή σύνδεση/αποσύνδεση και το ηχητικό κλικ βοηθούν να επιβεβαιωθεί ότι η σύνδεση είναι σταθερή
  • Εύκολος χειρισμός για όσους προτιμούν την εισαγωγή με το χέρι
  • Για εκείνους που προτιμούν αυτόματη εισαγωγή, η συσκευή εισαγωγής Accu-Chek LinkAssist προσφέρει γρήγορη, αξιόπιστη και άνετη τοποθέτηση
  • Το επίπεδο, στρογγυλό περίβλημα είναι εύκολο να φορεθεί και μειώνει τον κίνδυνο χτυπήματος τραυματισμού και μετατόπισης του καθετήρα
Πρόσθετες προδιαγραφές
Τύπος καθετήρα:

Μαλακός εύκαμπτος καθετήρας: 0,5 mm / 25 gauge

Γωνία εισαγωγής:


Μήκη καθετήρα:

6, 8 και 10 mm

Μήκη σωλήνων:

30, 60, 80 και 110 cm


Ναι, στο σημείο σύνδεσης

Σύνδεση αντλίας:

Τυπικός σύνδεσμος luer-lock